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The all-purpose champion of meeting environmental emissions monitoring needs

The MCS100FT-C system uses Fourier infrared technology to monitor flue gas. From probe sampling to cell, all components that come in contact with the sample gas are heated to a temperature above the acid dew point to prevent corrosion. The sampling probe uses two-stage filtration, and the inlet to the analysis cell is also filtered, ensuring safe use of the system. A built-in ejector transports the sample gas without the wear that moving parts would cause, and a built-in pressure module keeps the sample gas in the cell stable. The analyzer can be used for environmental emissions monitoring and also for industrial process monitoring. An optional FID may be added to measure VOCs.

Краткий обзор
  • Touch-screen operation with multiple levels of password protection
  • Ethernet interface for remote diagnostics and operation
  • Gas paths completely heated to prevent corrosion and measurement error produced by condensation
  • Built-in ejector reduces component wear
  • Optional zirconium dioxide sensor for O2 measurement
  • Utilizes Fourier infrared technology for rapid measurement of multiple gas components
  • Supports calibration of the full system or direct calibration of the analyzer
  • Multi-stage filtration allows safe sampling
  • Automatic zeroing, span calibration, and regular back-purging
  • Includes temperature and flow control and automatic sampling cut-off if malfunction occurs
  • Automatic purging protects the instrument in case of malfunction
  • The interferometer can be unaffected by vibrations
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