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Online monitoring of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions

The SMC9021F system utilizes a flame ionization detector to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can be used for emissions monitoring or for monitoring before and after waste gas purification. The product can sample from multiple sources and be scheduled to switch to a certain analysis unit. With a compact design, limited gas consumption, and high up-time, this product can effectively carry out continuous monitoring of VOCs to ensure safe production and detailed knowledge of the state of emissions.

Краткий обзор
  • Touch-key operation with multi-level password protection
  • Built-in ejector to reduce component wear
  • A pressure module controls airflow into the analysis unit
  • A catalytic device may be internally fitted to purify the gas entering the analyzer
  • Sample gas inlet protected by filter
  • Multiple gas sampling
  • Long maintenance interval of up to 3 months
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